How to Make Beaded Hair Barrettes

Flight of Fancy Barrette

Not only does this fancy barrette sparkle -- it glows!
Not only does this fancy barrette sparkle -- it glows!

This flight of the fancy barrette is a delicate dragonfly creation that glows in greens and golds -- a bejeweling combination that would look perfect perched in your hair!

Follow the steps below to learn how to make this beautiful beaded hair barrette.

What You'll Need:

36 inches of medium-gauge, gold-tone wire

2 gold sand beads, 6mm each

Spoonful of seed bead/E bead/ bugle bead mix in shades of green and gold

26 matte blue-green E beads

2-inch bow-clip barrette

Wire cutters

Needle-nose pliers

Cement glue

Step 1: Begin by threading beads onto the wire in this order: 1 sand bead, 1 seed bead, 1 blue-green E bead, 1 seed bead, 1 sand bead, and 3 blue-green E beads. Pull these beads to the center of the wire. Take the opposite end of the wire, and slip it through the last 3 beads (beads 8, 7, and 6, in that order). The 2 wire ends should cross inside this group of beads with a wire end extending from each side.

Step 2: Following the diagram on page 33, thread seed beads, E beads, and bugle beads in the order shown for the upper wing (beads 9-43 on the diagram), slipping back through the first large bead of the wing (bead 9) to complete the loop. Repeat for the other upper wing (beads 44-78 on the diagram), slipping back through bead 44 to complete.

Step 3: Weave the 2 wires through 3 more blue-green E beads (beads 79-81). String the 3 beads on the left wire first, then slip the right wire through the same beads from right to left. Again, the wires will cross inside the beads.

Step 4: Next, string on the first 4 beads for the lower wing (beads 82-85), then pass the wire through the 2 larger beads of the upper wing (beads 40 and 39) to stiffen and lock the wings to each other. Finish stringing on the rest of the beads for the lower wing (beads 86-108), slipping back through bead 82 to complete the loop. Repeat for the other lower wing (beads 109-135). Pass the wire through beads 75 and 74 to lock the wings together, then through bead 109 on the way back.

Step 5: Weave the 2 wires through 3 new blue-green E beads (beads 136-138) as you did in step 3. Continue this bead-weaving technique to finish the dragonfly body, using 7 rows of 2 E beads (beads 139-152) and 2 rows of 1 E bead (153 and 154).

Step 6: Firmly pinching the 2 wire ends in 1 hand, twist the wires to form a finely twisted wire tail. When the twist is about 1/2 inch long, clip off the excess wire. Using needle-nose pliers, curl the 1/2-inch tail into a flat coil at the end of the dragonfly so it won't catch your clothing or hair.

Step 7: To attach the dragonfly to a barrette, gently bend the wings to fit the curve of a clean, dry metal clip. Apply a generous coat of cement glue to the back of the dragonfly along the horizontal line of where the upper and lower wings meet and cross the body. Wait 3 minutes, then press the dragonfly firmly against the center of the barrette. Hold for about 2 minutes, and set aside to dry.

In the next section, take your beadmaking skills to new heights. Continue reading to learn how to make a shooting star barrette!

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