How to Make Beaded Hair Barrettes

Glamor Hair Snaps

You'll look like a movie star when you wear this dreamy hair snap.
You'll look like a movie star when you wear this dreamy hair snap.

Girls will go buggy over these glamor snaps and style! Once you learn how to make these beaded hair barrettes, you'll see just how glamorous nature can be! Go ahead -- snap to it!

What You'll Need to Make a Dragonfly:

8 inches of light gauge wire

25 light yellow seed beads

2 dark blue seed beads

40 light purple seed beads

1 small clothes snap

Wire cutters

Jewelry glue

Beaded Dragonfly Beaded Dragonfly
Beaded Dragonfly

Step 1: Slide 2 yellow seed beads to the middle of the wire.

Step 2: Take 1 end of the wire and insert it into the opposite end of the 2 yellow seed beads. Pull the wire tight so there is an even length of wire on both sides of the beads.

Step 3: On 1 wire, slide on 1 dark blue seed bead, 2 yellow beads, and 1 dark blue bead. Put the other wire into the beads from the other side, and pull the wire tight against the first 2 beads. Flip the beads so the row with the blue beads is on the top row.

Step 4: On 1 wire, slide on 4 yellow seed beads (beads 7-10 on the diagram). Put the other wire into the beads from the opposite side, and pull the wire tightly.

Step 5: Slide 10 light purple seed beads onto a wire. Put the end of the same wire back through the first light purple bead (bead 11 on the diagram). Pull tight to form a wing. Repeat step 6 for the other side.

Step 6: Add another row of 4 yellow beads (beads 31-34 on the diagram).

Step 7: Repeat step 5, once on each side, to form the bottom wings.

Step 8: Twist the remaining wire around itself. Fold the wire to the back.

Step 9: Glue 1 side of the snap to the back of the dragonfly. Let the glue dry completely before wearing.

How to create a gorgeous glamor hair snaps hairstyle:

Step 1: If you have curly or wavy hair, use a diffuser to emphasize the texture. (If you have straight hair, use a curling iron to curl the hanging tendrils.) Work on the hair from the bottom to the top, picking up irregularly parted-out sections of hair. Twist the sections loosely. Leave some tendrils flowing loosely around the edges.

Step 2: Move the twist down, letting it twist into a coiled shape. Every twist will form and twist differently. Use your finger to support and move the twist around as you shape it.

Step 3: Pin the twisted shape into place, leaving a bit of the ends free.

Step 4: Spread the loose tendrils decoratively around the twists and pin with hair pins. You can shorten tendrils by winding them around the twisted shapes and anchoring them with hair pins.

Step 5: Place the beaded hair snaps around your front hairline to frame your face.

Gather your materials and tools, and get ready for more glamor. In the next and final section of this article, learn how to make a glamorous gathered barrette.

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