How to Make Beaded Hair Barrettes

Sparkle Effects Barrette

This cool hairstyle and sparkling barrette are a perfect combination.
This cool hairstyle and sparkling barrette are a perfect combination.

This pin-curl sparkle effects barrette will accentuate the lively nature of this textured hairstyle -- revel in all the fun!

With the simple steps below, learn how to make this beaded hair barrette -- then get ready for glitter, glitz, and color galore!

What You'll Need:

Double-pronged hair clip

Waxed paper

Blue glitter glue pen

Round, clear plastic lace

4mm crystal beads: 2 purple, 1 each of green, blue, red, yellow

Fold-over crimper


Measuring tape

Wire cutters

Needle-nosed pliers

Step 1: Place a small piece of waxed paper between the top and bottom prongs of the hair clip. Paint the top of the clip with the blue glitter pen. Let paint dry completely.

Step 2: Measure and cut an 11-inch length of the plastic lace. Fold the middle of the lace around the spring of the hair clip. Thread a purple, a green, a blue, a red, a yellow, and a purple bead on both strands of the plastic lace. The beads should fit snugly on the lace.

Step 3: Evenly space the beads along the length of the lace.

Step 4: Most fold-over crimpers have a loop; if yours does, have an adult help you cut the loop off with the wire cutters. Put both laces into the fold-over crimper, and use the needle-nosed pliers to fold the crimper shut, leaving the tails free at the end.

How to make a sparkle effects hairstyle:

Step 1: Use a defining cream for its styling properties. It provides a medium hold with great flexibility.

Step 2: Work the defining cream through your wet hair.

Step 3: Power dry your hair, and use your fingers to give it body. Blow-dry your hair in every direction. Keep the blow dryer moving quickly over the hair as you move your fingers back and forth.

Step 4: Twist a small section of hair going back from the front hairline, and place the hair ornament. You may place the clip forward, backward, sideways -- however you want. Be creative! Place bits of hair around the hairline to frame the face. You can also give the hair a spritz of spray for hold if you wish.

Now that your barrette collection is well-stocked with glitz and glitter, it's time to stock up on glamorous creations. In the next section learn how to make glamor hair snaps!

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