10 Completely Awful (and Anonymous) Bridesmaid Tales of Woe

Plus-one Predicament

Weddings can be an uncomfortable setting for a single girl. The day filled with love and bliss can serve as a painful reminder of one's solo status. A wedding invitation with the words "and date" next to your full name might be a thoughtful gesture by the bride, but it can be an excruciating process to find an escort if there isn't already a special someone to invite.

One former bridesmaid in particular recalls the time her friend, the bride, requested that all of her bridesmaids bring a "plus one" to her wedding -- boyfriend or not. "I was too embarrassed to ask my older brother to escort me to the wedding, so I decided to work up the courage to ask my workplace crush to the affair instead," she admits. He agreed to attend the wedding with her, but it ended up being a miserable first date for both. "I was busy with bridesmaid duties all day, and my crush was forced to make small talk with strangers until the bouquet toss at the very end of the night," she explains. "At the time, I didn't understand why, but he asked me out on another date the following weekend. It went much more smoothly the second time around!"