How to Deal with a Disappointing Maid of Honor

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It doesn't matter if she's your sister, your best friend or both -- there's still a good chance that your maid of honor will let you down in some way during the time leading up to your nuptials. For the sake of your sanity and friendship, I certainly hope the mishap qualifies as something small and insignificant, rather than a major incident. It's one thing for her to misspell Grandma's name on her place card. It's quite another for her to fall asleep at the altar, thanks to a doozy of a tequila bender the night before.

Before you get too depressed, rest assured that many honor attendants go way above and beyond the call of duty. My maid of honor was pretty much the greatest thing since chocolate fondue, which is just about the highest compliment that I give out. She suffered through many cake tastings and catering sessions with nary a complaint (probably because her mouth was full). Even if she hadn't exceeded my expectations so much, I still like to think that we would have found a way to work through the rough patch. After all, you choose your maid of honor because you trust and value her friendship above everyone else's, so it's a safe bet you want to keep her as your bestie long after your wedding day.

Use these tips for handling delicate maid of honor situations with class, patience and a little finesse. You might salvage the friendship for the long-term, despite any hiccups along the way!