10 Completely Awful (and Anonymous) Bridesmaid Tales of Woe

Marital Mama Drama

With all of the hoopla that goes on in the months before a wedding, some mothers of the bride (and mothers of the groom, too, for that matter), forget that the big day isn't centered around them. They can be emotional, stressed about dieting and obsessed with what color dress they should wear. Some mothers' diva-like behavior is so disruptive that it can change the entire mood of a wedding.

"My college roommate's mother was completely out of control during her engagement," a former bridesmaid tells us. "She wanted to be in charge of every last detail of the wedding, and she made it her job to micromanage the bridesmaids' duties. She called me to find out who was invited to the bridal shower, where the bachelorette party was taking place, and she even asked the maid of honor what she planned to say in her toast to the bride and groom at the wedding reception!''

Eventually the bride stepped in and solved the problem, begging her mother to leave her bridesmaids alone. "Usually, it's the bride that's high-maintenance during wedding planning," laughs the bridesmaid, "not her mother!"