10 Completely Awful (and Anonymous) Bridesmaid Tales of Woe

One Size Does Not Fit All

Any girl who's agreed to be in a friend's wedding has heard this familiar expression before: "You can wear this dress again." No matter how unflattering the dress may be, this annoying, age-old expression is always repeated by every new bride, even if it's completely untrue. Let's be honest -- very few girls are able to wear their bridesmaid gown again, and recycling it as part of your Halloween costume doesn't count!

For one ex-bridesmaid, the color and style of the dress was the least of her worries -- it was vendor's available sizes that became a problem. She remembers her confusion when the bride -- her tall, blonde, model-thin co-worker -- sent an e-mail with a link to the bridesmaid dress, sold in sizes 2, 4 and 6. "Since I was a size 10, I felt that the bride would certainly have an explanation," she says.

An awkward phone call to the bride made the situation even more uncomfortable. "She told me that her fuller-figured maids should either lose the weight or buy two dresses and sew them together," she recalls. "I hung up the phone, shocked by her rudeness, and the next day, I politely declined her invitation to be a bridesmaid. With friends like that, who needs enemies?"