How to Knit

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­Imagine the wonder of simple balls of yarn transformed, stitch by stitch, into beautiful, perfectly fitted sweaters or treasured one-of-a-kind gifts. Feel the satisfaction of finishing the last stitch and knowing that you've made your own creation, something that is uniquely yours.

Join the thousands of women and men -- teenagers, children, young mothers, seniors, celebrities -- who are discovering a passion for knitting. All it takes to get started is a ball of yarn, a pair of knitting needles, and this helpful article, where you’ll find tips on purchasing yarn and needles, instructions for basic knitting stitch patterns, and so much more.

With a little practice, you’ll soon be knitting luxurious throws, adorable children's clothing, and fabulous accessories. No doubt you'll be planning your next project before the first is even finished!

Get down to the knitty gritty with help from the following pages:

Knitting Needles
Learn about the wide variety of knitting needles available and how to choose the right set for your next project.

How to Select Knitting Yarn
Before choosing knitting yarn, check out the tips on this page to ensure you find the right weight and fiber of yarn.

How to Cast On Stitches
Find a knitting cast-on method that suits you and your project in this informative section.

Learning the Knit Stitch
Master the technique of creating a perfect knit stitch every time with help from the steps and illustrations on this page.

Learning the Purl Stitch
Find out all about purling -- the other essential stitch for knitting patterns -- in this helpful section.

How to Bind Off Stitches
Begin the finishing process for your knitting project by learning how to bind off stitches on this page.

Knitting Stitch Patterns
From stockinette to garter, the stitches detailed in this section are bound to turn up in most of your knitting projects.

Understanding Knitting Instructions
Learn how to decode the instructions for knitting patterns in this helpful section.

Knitting Abbreviations
Find a long list of the most common knitting abbreviations and their meanings on this page.

Let's get started by learning the ins and outs of knitting needles on the next page.

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