How to Make Bird Houses

Bird houses give our fun, feathered friends safe places to live and survive. Despite the fact that many migrating songbirds are protected by federal law, birds are still in danger from destruction of habitat, pollution, and even your neighborhood cats.

You and your kids can help the birds by learning how to make bird houses. It's a fun family activity that you can all work on together. And before you know it, birds will be flocking to your backyard. Kids will love to see who flies by for a visit!

See the following pages to find family bird house activities that will turn your backyard into a wildlife sanctuary:


Construct a bird house superstore with a cardboard box and leftover items from around the house.

Guest in the Nest

Teach kids how birds construct their homes and help your backyard birds feather their nests.

Simple Bird Houses

Decorate gourds or flower pots to create simple abodes for your backyard birdies.

On the next page you'll learn how your kids can build a Bird-Mart, a virtual "home supply store" for birds.

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