Bird-Watching Activities for Kids

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Be a good friend and build a birds nest.
Be a good friend and build a birds nest.

For centuries man has been obsessed with birds and flight. These bird-watching activities for kids will help to increase knowledge about birds and their daily activities. And, more importantly, they're just plain fun to do!

These bird-watching activities are designed with kids in mind and can be easily completed in no time. Each activity is thoroughly explained, and once you complete one, you'll be flying high for more.


To find out more about our feathery friends of the sky, check out these links:

Christmas Bird Count Activity

Learn more about birds in your area with this Christmas bird count activity hosted by the Audubon Society.

Bird's Little Helper Activity

Be a friend to the birds in your neighborhood. Try this bird activity -- you'll be glad you did, and so will the birds.

Search for Birds' Feathers Activity

Look for feathers in your backyard and see if you can find out which birds they belong to.

Build A Bird's Nest Activity

Try this fun bird activity that shows you how to make a home for a bird.

Animal Treats in A Tree Activity

See some animals pay a visit to your backyard when you try this animal treats activity. Take notes as you watch them chow down.

Feather Down Activity

Can you keep as warm as a bird in the middle of winter? Try this fun activity and see if you can.

Eat Like A Bird Activity

Do you eat like a bird? Try this activity and find out. You may be surprised.

Warm Bird's Nest Activity

Keeping a nest warm isn't as easy as you think it might be. Try this bird activity and find out for yourself.

Owl Eyes Activity

Dramatically improve your night vision with this owl eyes activity.

Plant For Your Birdies Activity

Make a place where your neighborhood bird friends can hang out. This is a fun activity that will not take up a lot of time.

Ring The Bells Activity

Let your bird friends know when they are in danger. Mr. Tomcat won't be bothering them anymore.

Robin's Egg Treats Activity

Try this bird activity. These are no ordinary eggs.

Birdbath Activity

Help the local birds cool off by making them a birdbath. This activity is easy to do and fun to make.

Stopwatch Bird Activity

Ever wondered how long it takes for a bird to reach the sky? Try this bird activity and find out.

Balloon Swan Activity

Wow all of your friends by doing this balloon swan activity. You'll be the center of attention.

Birds' Migration Activity

Track the migratory routes of birds with this bird-watching activity.

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