5 Tips for Your Maid of Honor Speech

Use Props

Props are a great way to break the ice and add humor, and showing them off will give you something to do with your hands during your speech.

At a rehearsal dinner I once went to, the maid of honor/former roommate of the bride used a bag full of "how to live with the bride" items and went through each one as she gave her speech. One of the items was an alarm clock since the bride liked to hit the snooze button multiple times in the morning. She then gave the bag of props to the groom to wish him well with his new housemate. Not only was it hilarious and heartfelt, it was memorable too!

Whatever you do, though, don't stress over using elaborate props -- the idea is to let the props help you. Just displaying a framed picture of you and the bride from the year you met is a great idea as well.