Perks and Pitfalls of Choosing a Long-distance Maid of Honor

Image Gallery: Laid-back Brides You were glued at the hip ... until she moved to Portland. Can your best friend be the maid of honor you need and want if she's three time zones away?

You can't imagine anyone other than your lifelong BFF being your maid of honor, but she resides in L.A. and you live in the ATL. You're worried about the complications the distance between you will bring. Will she still be able to help you choose a dress? Scout potential wedding locations? Choose a theme?

The truth is, the most important member of your wedding party might be far away, but she should be able do almost anything the role requires, as long as you don't mind planning your wedding in front of a computer screen or with a phone glued to your ear. In fact, the distance between you can provide some unexpected perks, though you may find that video conferencing just can't replace a compassionate hug.

Every bride is different, and even if you've been friends with your MOH since before you could talk, it's important to communicate your needs. If she's up to the task, great; if her geographical location will severely limit her role, you may want to find someone closer. After all, this ceremony is about celebrating the love shared between you and your future hubby, not rekindling the friendship flame with you and your faraway bestie. Bottom line: The MOH is an honor position, but it's also a job. And you need someone who can take on the requisite duties.