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Teen Tips to Overcome Cutting

Cutting is a disorder that afflicts many your adults. Learn more about this disorder, how to treat it and the risks if left untreated in this article.

Teens in Crisis: Cutting on the Rise

Self abuse is a common problem among teens. Learn more about cutting and the risks that are associated with this disorder.

Teens and Risky Behavior

Being curious is a natural part of being a teen. But before taking your first drink or smoking your first cigarette, get to know the risks involved.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Teen Health

Teen health differs greatly from adult health. Learn more about teen health with this Q&A.

Teens and Other Types of Abuse

When the word abuse is used in conjunction with teenagers, often what comes to mind is alcohol or drug abuse. Learn more about teens and the abuses that they can be exposed to in this article.

Teens and Problem Drinking

Though it is illegal to drink if you're under 21, many teens do it anyway, and some drink in excess. Discover why some teens drink in excess and the dangers that it poses to them.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Making of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Staying at home with baby isn't as easy as one might think. It's a tough job -- and there are lots of things to consider before becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Getting Your Children to Listen to You

Here are some techniques that you can use to improve communication with your kids. They may not mind you or agree, but at least they'll hear what you're saying.

Can you really make your child smarter?

There aren't any quick, simple ways to turn your child into a genius, but your actions as parents do have a big influence on your children's intellectual capacity. Learn how to nurture a child's inherent mental capabilities.

Talking to Your Child About the Terrorist Tragedy

How can you, as a parent, deal with the fear and anxiety that can affect your child in the wake of tragic events? Learn about what you can do to communicate with your child and help them cope.

Teaching Honesty and Responsibility to Your Children

Teaching honesty and responsibility takes a considerable amount of time and patience. But with consistency, you can instill in your children a sense of morality.

Sharing the News: A Sibling's Expected

The news that a new baby is going to be in the house is going to prompt many interesting questions from your children. Here are some tips for making sure that your entire family is ready to welcome that new little bundle of joy.

Healthy Adoption

A healthy adoption is one where the child is placed where he or she will thrive, no matter what the medical considerations may be. How can you minimize health complications?

Adopting Abroad: Catherine's Story

Adoption can be an amazing and rewarding experience, but getting there requires making some tough decisions, committing to an unknown outcome and drawing on an enormous reserve of patience. Read Catherine's story to find out what's involved.

The Ins and Outs of Financing Adoption

How much does adoption really cost, and how will you pay for it? Learn all about what goes into financing an adoption.

The Four Steps of Adoption

What do you need to do before bringing home your new adopted baby? Learn the four steps of adoption to make sure you're adequately prepared for a new child.

Adoption and Racial Identity

Every child needs a sense of background and identity, and this can be especially confusing for adopted children. Read about how to help your adopted children establish their racial identity.

The Adoption Option: How It Works and What to Expect

Chances are you know someone who is adopted or who has adopted a child. In fact, about 58 percent of Americans have a personal connection to adoption. But what is involved in adopting a child?

5 Senses of a Baby

Do you know how your baby uses its senses? Discover how your baby navigates their environment using their five senses.

Grooming Baby: Keeping Your Little One Clean and Comfortable

Sometimes basic baby care can present some unique challenges that you may not know how to tackle. These expert tips will help you groom your baby.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Baby's Motor Skills

The motor milestones that occur during your baby's first year may seem unrelated to one another, but in fact they happen in sequence. Learn what skills babies typically develop, in order from head to foot.

Child Development: Helping Your Baby Grow and Learn

There is plenty that parents can do to help their baby learn and develop. Find out what role parents can play in promoting their child's growth.

Your Newborn's Physical Features

Newborns don't emerge pink and plump. In fact, for the first few weeks, they're really kind of funny looking. Find out what physical features to expect.

What to Feed Baby, and When

If your baby could talk, he'd tell you when he is hungry and when he is full, but he probably won't start communicating verbally for at least a year. Learn how to judge what to feed your baby and when with these expert tips.

Common Birth Defects

Each year in the United States, about 150,000 newborns have birth defects ranging from mild to life threatening. Learn about structural/metabolic birth defects, congenital infections, and other conditions.