10 Wedding Reception Rituals We Wish Would Die Already

It was a fabulous wedding reception until...
It was a fabulous wedding reception until...

Many guests experience a deep sense of anxiety when attending wedding receptions. They have good reason. Besides having to wear shiny, uncomfortable shoes and making small talk with strangers, they'll have to brave a gauntlet of confusing rituals both eye-rollingly corny and socially awkward, from the de-gartering of the bride to the cheesy three-hour photo montage of the happy couple kissing in different locations.

There's hope -- after all, things used to be worse. Traditions die out, which explains why wedding guests no longer have to break loaves of bread over the bride's head for luck or hang around to wait for evidence that the marriage has been consummated. But while there's been progress, we still have a long way to go. Coming up are 10 wedding reception rituals we wish would just go ahead and die already.

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