10 Classic Father-daughter Dance Songs


Through the Years - Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers is quite the crooner.
Kenny Rogers is quite the crooner.
Bob King/Redferns/Getty Images

Kenny Rogers' classic '80s love song remains a popular wedding favorite for the traditional father-daughter dance. It's a soft ballad with just enough of a beat to work with any type of dance style -- even a simple sway. Rogers' voice carries a touch of country twang, which allows country music fans to pay homage to the genre without breaking out the cowboy boots. The song's lyrics celebrate the many shared father-daughter experiences over the years, but they aren't so specific that they can't apply to many different types of relationships. Despite its relative simplicity compared to other popular wedding tunes, this song remains a tearjerker due to soaring melodies and bittersweet lyrics. Don't be surprised to see Dad getting misty-eyed, and make sure to provide plenty of tissues for your guests.