Wedding Registry & Wedding Gifts

Choosing gifts from the wedding registry is a great way to help the new couple get started. Learn all about the perfect wedding gifts in these articles.


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10 Outrageous Gifts Brides Can't Believe They Received

Every bride ends up with something she didn't register for. Maybe it's a bright red chip and dip set -- or sheets that fit a twin bed. Some brides luck out with extravagant-beyond-their-wildest-dreams gifts. Others get self-help books. You won't believe these presents!

10 Ridiculous Things Brides Can't Believe They Registered For

Sometimes, with registry gun in hand, a bride becomes drunk with power, and shoots a margarita machine and a set of shrimp forks. What other gifts will she regret tagging with that gun?

How -- and Why -- to Build Your Wedding Registry Online

Registering for wedding gifts can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Wouldn't you rather do it in your comfiest pair of pajamas? Many modern brides opt to create their registries online, and a Web wish list might be just the thing for you.

10 Registry Dos and Don'ts

Plenty of brides think wedding registries are stuffy and old-fashioned, but we just don't see them that way. After all, you need some items to set up your new home, and every bride deserves some pretty dishes. Before you register, read our top 10 tips for help rounding out your wish list.

Are guests expected to give engagement, shower and wedding gifts?

Engagements, showers and weddings are joyous occasions -- but that joy can cost you big time if you aren't careful. Do guests have to give all of these gifts? Technically, yes, but you don't have to rush.

Groom's Gift: Totally Optional, but Totally Awesome

Exchanging vows is a classy tradition. But suppose your groom also wants to exchange gifts. Where do you find the time -- and the money -- after planning the wedding?

10 Gifts That Should Be On Your Wedding Registry

Your wedding registry is an expression of your needs and hopes for the future -- as far as presents go anyway. When it comes right down to it, though, the gifts you have in mind should be as practical as they are poetic.

10 Gift Ideas for Your Maid of Honor

Your maid of honor does everything from helping address invitations to holding your bouquet while you exchange rings and vows. She's also spending some serious money to serve as your honor attendant, so acknowledge her accordingly.

Ultimate Guide to Alternative Wedding Registries

Every bride has a personal style, and the wedding registries you choose should reflect your tastes as well as your future plans and wishes. And times are changing, so register away to satisfy your unique tastes.