10 Ridiculous Things Brides Can't Believe They Registered For

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Weddings are a beautiful thing. We're always happy to see the people we care about get married. Along with the ceremony and the dancing and the cake, of course, come the wedding gifts. Couples traditionally create a wedding registry, so they can receive the things they need to set up a household together. And most guests are happy to know what to buy; a registry ensures gifts are wanted and will go to good use.

However, sometimes a couple gets carried away with the registry. We don't know why -- maybe the two of them become overexcited surrounded by all that crystal. Or perhaps, with registry gun in hand, they become drunk with power, and lose sight of practicality. Or, maybe they just have champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Regardless, many of these items will wind up unused, packed away and forgotten.

Let's take a look at some wedding registry items that have left us scratching our heads.