How to Deal with a Disappointing Maid of Honor

Bring in Backup

Every president has a V.P. for a good reason. If he or she can't (or forgets to) fulfill his or her duties, there's a back-up in place. If your maid of honor is making a habit of slacking off, it might be time to call in the troops for support. In fact, many bridesmaids relish the opportunity to step up and shine!

My maid of honor expended so much effort on my bridal shower that the bridesmaids offered to take on extra tasks. One even volunteered to serve as the point person for my weekend bachelorette bonanza. If reinforcements become necessary to supplement your maid of honor's underwhelming efforts, be sure to preserve the peace between friends. Even when you feel like screaming, avoid bashing the maid of honor in front of your other attendants. Doing so will just create a lot of unnecessary drama and tension. In fact, if it's early enough in the wedding planning process, you might consider appointing an enthusiastic bridesmaid to serve as co-maid of honor.