Christmas Games: Find the Nutcracker

Look for the Nutcracker and other characters from this popular Christmas ballet on the coming pages.
Look for the Nutcracker and other characters from this popular Christmas ballet on the coming pages.

Going to see a production of The Nutcracker is a favorite Christmas tradition in many families -- and familiarity with the characters and music makes these Christmas games that much more fun. Whether you're preparing for an outing to the theater or reliving the excitement you saw on the stage, these free printable Christmas games will provide hours of family fun.

These easy-to-use Nutcracker Christmas games provide plenty of options for play, as you can enlarge the image right on your computer screen, or download the game as a printable PDF for family fun anywhere. Each page offers a different Nutcracker scene to explore -- and also includes some extra challenges for older kids or clever youngsters.

The Nutcracker opens with a huge Christmas party at the home of Fritz and Marie. Find the children and their gifts amidst the celebration.

Later that night, Marie returns downstairs to discover a battle raging between mice and soldiers. Find the Christmas toy soldier heroes in this Christmas game.

When Marie breaks the spell, the Nutcracker becomes a prince. Join these two on a winter adventure and find animals in the snowy woods.

Soon the snow gives way to sugar and Marie and Prince Nutcracker are in the Land of Sweets. Help them find the Snow Queen and other treats with this printable Christmas game.

The Sugar Plum Fairy works her magic, and suddenly Marie is visiting Spain. Find the Spanish surprises in this busy scene.

Next it's on to exotic Arabia, where the air smells like coffee. Find items all around the Arabian marketplace with this free printable game.

Then, in a flash, Marie and Prince Nutcracker are back in a snowy scene -- Russia. As cossacks dance, see if you can find a variety of uniquely Russian items.

Needing to warm up, Marie requests a cup of tea and finds herself in China. Find the Chinese items scattered in this bustling scene.

Marie's travels with Prince Nutcracker come to an end in a magical garden. Find the Nutcracker characters among the flowers to they can take their final bows.

Christmas gifts are a key component of any holiday celebration, and they play a prominent role in The Nutcracker. Continue to the next page to start finding Christmas gifts.

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