Christmas Games: Find the Night Before Christmas

Help A. Mouse search for Santa all through the town.

It's the night before Christmas, and all through the town, A. Mouse is looking for signs of Santa Claus. Can you help him?

There are many options to play these Christmas games with your kids. You can view the enlarged photos onscreen, or you can print out the free PDFs to search for hidden Christmas things while you curl up in front of the crackling fire. Challenge older kids to find the extra objects located at the bottom of each page.


Follow A. Mouse as he searches through all of these Christmas games.

In our first game, help A. Mouse Find Christmas in the City as city folk bustle to and fro.

Even on Christmas Eve, the shopping isn't done. In Find Last-Minute Shoppers, look for harried shoppers at the mall.

Help A. Mouse Find Santa's Reindeer at the skating rink in our next printable Christmas game.

Find Christmas Animals at the zoo with A. Mouse in this wacky Christmas game.

Look for people heading home for the holidays in Find Christmas Travellers -- and keep an eye out for some strange sights.

In the gingerbread factory, Find Christmas Gingerbread and look for silly factory workers.

Search for misfit toys with A. Mouse in Find Christmas Toys -- and see if you can find some frazzled elves.

At a school holiday party, help A. Mouse Find School Supplies and some unusual school characters.

And at the end of the day, Find Bedtime Things with A. Mouse and get ready to dream about sugarplum fairies.

City sidewalks are dressed in holiday style -- and filled with festive city folk. In our first game, look for people celebrating Christmas with A. Mouse.

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