Christmas Games: Find Santa Claus

Christmas Image Gallery Find Santa Claus in all sorts of settings when you play these fun, free printable Christmas games. See more Christmas pictures.

Nothing signifies Christmas in the mind of a child like Santa Claus, so your kids will be delighted to prepare for the holiday by finding Santa -- and getting to know more about him via special messages just for them -- with these free printable Christmas games.

These easy-to-use Christmas games provide plenty of options for play, as you can enlarge the image and search for Santa right on your computer screen, or you can choose to download the game as a printable PDF for family fun anywhere.


Each page offers a personal message from Santa and a colorful scene to explore while searching for the man himself -- and also includes some extra challenges for older kids or clever little elves.

Get the kids inspired for your own Christmas decorating projects when together you find Santa crafts, as well as Santa himself, at a holiday craft show.

Santa spends time in the toy stores to see what parents are buying. Kids can find him there with this free printable game, as well as help find lost children.

Santa Claus loves to visit with good little children at the shopping mall -- and there are lots of other things to see and do there. Find Santa and some crazy Christmas shoppers in this Christmas game.

As the big night draws near, Santa and the elves must work harder and harder in their workshop. See if you can find Santa Claus and the toys he's getting ready to deliver.

Ever wondered how other households prepare for Santa's arrival? Here's your chance to peek as you find Santa Claus and several Christmas Eve classics.

If you have a sweet tooth and are up for a challenge, this Christmas game -- which asks you to find Santa Claus and some special candy canes -- is just for you.

How do mermaids get their Christmas gifts? Santa takes a trip under the ocean. Find Santa Claus and lots of silly sea stuff when you peek at an underwater world.

Wrapping Christmas gifts is a challenge even for Santa Claus. Find him hard at work to get Mrs. Claus's gift wrapped in this Christmas printable game.

Mrs. Claus wants Santa to stay in shape, so she sends him to the ski slopes. Find Santa Claus, as well as silly skiers and skaters, with this fun, free Christmas game.

How many ways can you make a Santa? Check out an assortment of Santa crafts and find the man himself in the Christmas game on the next page.

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