Christmas Games: Find Santa Claus

Find Christmas Gift Wrap

View Enlarged Image Find Santa Claus amidst a flurry of gift wrap with this free printable Christmas game.

Few things take more time at Christmas than getting that mound of gifts transformed into neatly wrapped presents... but what's more fun than ripping the paper off? Even Santa Claus struggles to get his own gifts wrapped, as you and your kids will discover in this fun, free printable Christmas game. Get kids started with a message from Santa below.

When you're ready to play, you can enlarge the image on your computer screen and start the fun right away, or you can download this free printable Christmas game as a PDF and play anywhere. Consider using it to keep prying eyes occupied while you wrap gifts in your workshop.

Santa says: I had "wrapped up" my Christmas Eve rounds, when I realized I hadn't wrapped my gift to Mrs. Claus yet! I stopped off at Worldwide Gift Wrap, Inc. to see if they could help me out. Boy, were they busy!

Santa decided to wrap Mrs. Claus's fuzzy slippers himself, but can you see him in this crazy scene? After you find Santa Claus, see if you can find these things that will help him wrap his gift. (Hint: They're the things you'll need to help wrap Christmas gifts at your own house!)

Have this Christmas game all wrapped up?

Not so fast! Go back to Worldwide Gift Wrap, Inc. and find these other silly things:

  • A magic carpet
  • Two boxers who are not people
  • A Christmas "spirit"
  • A swingin' monkey
  • A pair of boxer shorts
  • A very large gift with a trunk
  • A boxed bicycle
  • A "card" game

With all the presents delivered, Santa celebrates with some skiing. Continue to the next page to see if you can spot him on the slopes.

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