Christmas Games: Find Santa Claus

Find Christmas Eve Classics

Look at all the late-night activity! Can you find Santa in this scene?
Look at all the late-night activity! Can you find Santa in this scene?

Ever wondered what's happening in other houses while waiting for Santa to arrive? Here's a chance for you and your family to peek and find out. Kids can find Santa Claus, as well as Christmas Eve classics, in this free printable Christmas game. Get them started with a special message from Santa Claus below.

When you're ready to play, you can enlarge the image on your computer screen and start the fun right away, or you can download this free printable Christmas game as a PDF and play anywhere -- even while waiting for Santa to arrive. (But remember -- he can't come until you're asleep!)

Santa says: 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through these houses, people were still up, including some mouses! Well, this isn't exactly the way my favorite poem goes, but my way is more realistic.

See if you can find Santa Claus, and then see if you can spot the Christmas Eve classics.

Still not sleepy?

Take another look at the houses in this Night Before Christmas scene. Can you find these other funny things?

  • Grandma got run over by a reindeer
  • A Frantic Dad
  • A Sudsy "Santa"
  • A "cool" dog house
  • A cat burglar
  • A snowman who's out of this world

Mmmmm! Candy canes are a Christmas favorite, and they're red and white -- just like Santa's suit. See what you find on a visit to a candy cane factory on the next page.

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