How to Make Kids' Necklaces

Found Object Necklace

Make necklaces from found objects.
Make necklaces from found objects.

When artists find something at a garage sale or lying around the house and use it in sculpture or jewelry, they call it a "found" object. You can make wearable crafts like a found object necklace, too. You can search for a vintage doodad for your one-of-a-kind object d'art.

How to Make the Found Object Necklace

What You'll Need:

  • Newspapers
  • An unusual, distinctive thing to hang from a necklace (such as an old key, earring, natural stone, game piece, etc.)
  • Poster paint and paintbrush or brightly colored nail polish (optional)
  • 36-inch-long black satin cord
  • Scissors

Spread out newspapers, and paint your object if you wish. Make sure you have good ventilation if you are using nail polish. Let the object dry for a day.

Fold the satin cord in half to find the center. Wrap the folded center loop around the object and pull the loose ends through the loop. Or tie the object in the center if necessary.

Knot the ends of the cord around your neck (be sure the cord is long enough to slip over your head). Then go knock 'em out with your unique sense of style!

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