How to Make Beaded Necklaces

You'll be the hit of the party when you wear a beaded necklace you make yourself.
You'll be the hit of the party when you wear a beaded necklace you make yourself.

Beaded necklaces are among the most versatile of all jewelry -- you can wear them to a fancy dress ball, at school, or when you're just hanging out with friends.

This article will teach you how to make many different types of necklaces. Make them all, and then wear whichever suits your mood.


Check out the links below for instructions on making beaded necklaces:

Native Necklace

Honor the original inhabitants of America with these beautiful necklaces.

Deep Aurora Necklace

Glow like the Northern Lights with this necklace inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

Got My Heart on a String Necklace

Give a gift from the heart when you make this necklace for a friend.

Lifesaver Necklace

This necklace may not save your life, but it will sure jazz up your outfit.

Loopy Necklace

Brighten the mood with this fun and light-hearted beaded necklace.

Peaches and Dreams Necklace

You're sure to draw lots of attention with this fanciful bead necklace.

Something Special Necklace

This blue crystal necklace is the perfect accessory for a sunny day.

Star Power Necklace

Do you feel like a star? You will when you wear this dazzling beaded necklace.

Triple Take Necklace

Impress your friends with a cool three-tiered beaded necklace.

What a Gem! Necklace

Use your favorite gems for this colorful necklace.

Radical Rickrack Necklace

A beaded necklace that's so easy to make, you'll want one for every day of the year.

Beads and Baubles Necklace

Ordinary household items are all you need to make this awesome beaded necklace.

Witch's Necklace

Your Halloween costume isn't complete until you put on this beaded necklace.

Rolled Bead Necklace

Colorful beads and colorful paper combine to make a beautiful hand-made necklace that makes for a wonderful gift.

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