How to Make Kids' Necklaces

Wearable crafts are a fun activity to do with kids. These kids' crafts are a great way to spend a day. Necklaces are especially fun because they provide a fun way to make your own fashion statement.

Making your own necklaces isn't that difficult. Whether you are making your star-inspired necklace or a military dog tag, these necklaces are simple and easy.


Check out the links below to make your own necklaces.

Found Object Necklace

Make necklaces out of found objects.

Star Necklace

Brighten any room with this star-inspired necklace.

Ice Cream Cone Necklace

Everyone will scream when you wear this ice cream cone necklace.

American Medals

Celebrate your patriotism with this American medal necklace.

A Flower Necklace

Create a necklace from natural materials.

Photo Tag Necklace

Keep your friends close by wearing their likeness around your neck.

Military Dog Tags

Make a necklace just like soldiers wear.

Aloha Hawaiian Lei

Enjoy island flavor with this Hawaiian-inspired necklace.

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