Hearts, Bars & Shooting Stars Quilt Design

This design is a great way to showcase the long-standing tradition of using hearts, bars, and stars in quilting.
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Quilters have used hearts, bars, and stars in their designs for as many years as there have been quilters! Whether you're into traditional or more modern quilt designs, these themes work great and can easily to take on a different look based on the fabrics you choose.

Quilt all of the blocks together to make the Hearts, Bars & Shooting Stars quilt design above. All of the quilt blocks described below are shown on the quilt design from left to right. Download the Hearts, Bars & Shooting Stars quilt design here for a closer look at the entire quilt design.


Hearts, Bars & Shooting Stars Quilt Design Blocks:

  • Cupid's Own quilt block features four hearts pointing inward with bars in between. The hearts are appliquéd using a narrow blanket stitch.
  • Depending on the fabrics you choose, the Friendship Star quilt block almost has a three-dimensional look to it. Even better, it's simple to make!
  • Bring joy to someone's life with the Girl's Joy quilt block. It uses a combination of bars to create a unique pattern.
  • The Sun Rays quilt block uses a reverse of the shapes in its pattern to come up with a design that's bursting with energy.
  • The Diamond Star quilt block is another design that truly takes on completely different looks depending on the fabrics you choose.
  • The Borrow and Return quilt block uses a reverse pattern and contrasting fabric to create a give-and-take design.
  • When used as a repeat in a quilt, the Double T quilt block creates an incredible geometric pattern.
  • Emily's Heart quilt block showcases four hearts going 'round and 'round a pinwheel square. The result is a heartwarming design.
  • And speaking of hearts going 'round and 'round...check out the Heart Wreath quilt block for a classic design that would look great on your latest project.
  • The Twisted Star quilt block is another unique block that makes a stunning pattern all on its own and is even more dramatic when used as a repeat on a quilt.
  • You're sure to delight in the finished product when it's the Heart's Delight quilt block. The design features a heart in the center with curved bars in the corner.
  • The Eight-Pointed Star quilt block is a classic design that uses a reverse pattern and contrasting fabric to create a stunning block, fit for any quilt project.
  • The Virginia Reel quilt block uses a delightful array of stars and bars to create a traditional-looking block. Small, subtle prints really make this design a standout.
  • What could be sweeter than four hearts coming together to make a four-leaf clover? That's what you'll find on the Sweet Clover quilt block.
  • The Crazy Patch quilt block offers a great opportunity to use up all that leftover fabric. The result is a fun design with a heart taking center stage.
  • The Ohio Snowflake quilt block takes simple shapes and turns them into an incredible design. You'll have loads of fun choosing fabrics to include in this block.
  • Shoot for the stars with this Shooting Star quilt block! It would look great on a child's quilt -- or any project, for that matter.
  • You'll be proud to display the Pride of the Bride quilt block on your latest quilting project. It uses a reverse pattern and contrasting fabric to achieve its unique look.
  • The Judy in Arabia quilt block is another design that can almost look three-dimensional when you choose certain fabrics.


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