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Mother's Day Activities

Cookie Bouquet for Kids

A bouquet of cookies smells just as sweet.
A bouquet of cookies smells just as sweet.

Some Mother's Day activities are fun for kids to do, but this one is fun and yummy. The whole family will want to help make this cookie bouquet -- so they could lick the bowl afterwords.

Is your mother one sweet cookie? Then show her.


What You'll Need:

Tube of refrigerated cookie dough

Bamboo skewers

A cookie sheet

Nonstick cooking spray

Florist tape

Artificial leaves


Florist foam

Pick your mother's favorite kind of cookie dough from the tubes of uncooked dough at the grocery store. You can find bamboo skewers in the housewares department. You can find florist foam, florist tape, artificial leaves, and ribbons at a crafts store.

Spray the cookie pan with nonstick spray. Cut the cookie dough into 1-inch-thick slices; you can shape the cookies into flower shapes if you'd like.

Push a bamboo skewer point first into the bottom of each cookie. The skewer should go in about 1-1/2 inches.

Bake the cookies according to directions. Let the cookies cool on the pan.

When cool, use a spatula to lift them off the pan. Wrap the bamboo skewer with florist tape, and decorate them with ribbons. Stick the ends of the stems into the florist foam. Cover the foam with artificial leaves.

Mother's Day is all about showing mom how much you love and appreciate her. Continue to the next page to learn how to create something any woman would love -- beautiful golden jewelry.

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