Mother's Day Activities

Magic Mom Paperweight for Kids

A personalized Magic Mom paperweight.
A personalized Magic Mom paperweight.

Mother's Day activities are fun for kids to do -- and mom will truly appreciate the effort. This Magic Mom snow globe paperweight activity for kids is a great gift for the home or the office, and mom will treasure this glittery scene forever!

What You'll Need:

Small wide-mouth clear jar with lid

Small china or plastic figure of a woman

Other waterproof figures or trinkets (including fake gems, shells, rocks, etc.) Waterproof glue

Glycerin or mineral oil




Super glue

Snow globes are popular any time of the year. Make one for mom that is full of glittering magic dust instead of snow.

Glue a small figure of a woman onto the inside of your jar. Glue on other tiny, waterproof figures to personalize the scene: How about mom's favorite cat or dog? Or a small shell or rock from a family vacation? Fake jewels are nice, too. So are miniature plastic trees or flowers that can be found at most hobby or craft shops.

Use your imagination to put "mom" in an interesting and colorful scene. When the glue has dried, fill the jar with mineral oil or glycerin with a small bit of water added.

Finish by adding a tablespoon of colored or silver glitter. Screw the top on tightly (have an adult use the super glue to keep the lid on).

Shake up the magic dust -- this gift will really show your mother how much you appreciate the magic she makes for you all year long.

Mother's Day is all about showing mom how much you love and appreciate her. On the next page, learn how to make delicious chocolate spoons that mom can use in her coffee.

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