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Mother's Day Activities

Colored Candle-holder for Kids

A colored candle-holder shines a light on your mom.
A colored candle-holder shines a light on your mom.

Mother's Day activities are fun for kids to do -- and your mother will truly appreciate the effort. Light up Mother's Day with this pretty colored candle-holder for kids. Make one or a few to place in different rooms of the house.

What You'll Need:

Jar that votive candle will fit in






Colored nail polish



Scented votive candle

Wash and dry a small, empty jar.

Draw and cut out a small stencil in the shape of a heart or some other pretty design from the cardboard. Make sure your stencil fits on the jar.

Tape the stencil down, and use mom's favorite color nail polish (with permission!) to paint inside the stencil.

Sprinkle salt over the wet polish to make it sparkle when it dries. You may want to paint a design around the whole jar or only the front and back. Be sure to let each side dry thoroughly before you turn the glass over.

When the polish is dry, un-tape the stencil. Tie a colored ribbon around the neck of the jar, and put a small scented candle inside.

Make several candle-holders, and put them on the table as a centerpiece to add a fragrant scent to your Mother's Day meal.

Mother's Day is all about showing mom how much you love and appreciate her. Continue to the next page to learn how to create a delicious cookie bouquet.

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