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Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Crafts

Super Snowman Magnet

Creating this super snowman magnet is fun and easy!
Creating this super snowman magnet is fun and easy!

Create an indoor winter wonderland with whimsical super snowman magnets.

What You'll Need:

Tracing paper




Craft foam: white, blue, brown, orange, black

Craft glue

2 wiggle eyes, 7mm each


3 black buttons, 7/16 inch each

5-1/2-inch strip adhesive-back magnet

Download the scarf, body, nose, arm, and hat patterns. Trace and cut out the body.

Using the patterns, trace the shapes on the following colors of foam: snowman body on white, scarf on blue, twig arms on brown (make two), carrot nose on orange, and hat on black. Cut out the pieces.

With the craft glue, attach the hat to the snowman's head, the scarf around the neck, the twig arms on both sides of the snowman's upper body, and the nose to the middle of the face.

Use tweezers to help you glue the wiggle eyes above the nose. Glue the buttons down the center of the body.

Peel the backing off the magnet strip, and attach the magnet to the back of the snowman.

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