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Stringy Snowperson Sculpture
A stringy snowperson sculpture is fun to decorate.
A stringy snowperson sculpture is fun to decorate.

You can actually see through this stringy snowperson sculpture!

What You'll Need:

3 balloons

White string



Petroleum jelly

White glue

Paper plate

Waxed paper


Construction paper

Paper party hat

Blow up three balloons. For each balloon, cut 30 pieces of white string between 12 and 15 inches long.

Rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on each balloon. Pour a little glue onto a paper plate. Dip a string into the glue, and paste it on a balloon.

Continue dipping and pasting the strings in overlapping designs on a balloon. Place on waxed paper to dry. Let glue dry completely, at least overnight. Do the same for the other balloons.

Strings should be glued on the balloon in an overlapping design to create a stringy snowperson sculpture.

When the glue has dried, use a pin to pop the balloons. Cover your ears! Carefully pull out the balloons through a space between the hardened strings. (Promptly discard balloon pieces -- they are choking hazards for small children!)

Tie the three balloons together with more string to make a snowperson shape. Glue on construction paper eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons.

Poke a hole through the top of a party hat, and thread string through it. Tie one end to the top of the snowperson's head before you put the hat on it, and use the other end to hang your snowperson.

Now give the kids their very own project -- a super snowman magnet! See our easy step-by-step instructions in the next article.

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