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Sassy Snowman

Sassy Snowman
Sassy Snowman

This sassy snowman will last through winter (or summer) without melting one drop.

What You'll Need:

1 white lunch bag

5 plastic grocery bags

Card stock or construction paper: black, orange

Patterned paper (wrapping paper works well)

3 large buttons

Stapler and staples



Craft glue

Black felt-tip marker

  1. Open the lunch bag. Stuff it with five plastic bags, pushing them evenly into all corners to make the body nice and plump. Staple the top edges of the bag together, fold the top corners diagonally to the back, and staple again.
  2. Trace the top of the hat pattern onto black paper; cut out. Fold it in half at the fold line, and glue it at a slight angle over the stapled edge of the bag (gluing one side to the front of the bag and the other side to the back).
  3. Cut two brims from black paper. Fold each along the fold line. Glue the folded edge of one piece to the front of the bag and the other to the back.
  4. Cut two coal eyes and three smaller pieces of coal for the mouth from black paper, a carrot nose from orange paper, and a scarf from wrapping paper. Use a black marker to add carrot wrinkles to the nose. Glue all the pieces to the bag.
  5. Glue three buttons down the center of the bag; let dry.

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