Things You Should Never, Ever Wear to a Wedding
woman with heavy makeup

Whoa, glamazon! It's a wedding, not a burlesque show. Tone down the makeup to be a well-groomed guest.


You might wear a uniform or follow an office dress code Monday through Friday, and on the weekend, you like to have a little fun with fashion. Your friend's wedding isn't the place to test drive your new romper or rock those $200 jeans you just splurged on. But you already knew that, right?

There are a few gray areas when it comes to appropriate wedding guest attire. Maybe that cocktail dress has a questionable hemline -- or it might be the same color the bridal party is wearing. There are plenty of clothing options that'll turn you into an unintentional eyesore at any union, but you don't have to earn the ire of every bride and groom you know. Just follow this list of 10 things you should never wear to a wedding, and you'll keep receiving those invitations!

It's always in style and looks flattering on almost everybody, but according to some, it should never be worn to a wedding. Up first, find out the dos and don'ts about wearing nature's darkest color to one of life's brightest events.