The Pushy DJ
slick-looking DJ spinning music

This DJ is trying so hard, but we're just not interested.


Oh nutty, overly enthusiastic DJ: We feel for you. We know your bread and butter comes from getting parties started and roofs raised and that all eyes are on you to prove you are more useful than an iPod on shuffle. It's hard, we know. But do you really have to shout like that?

Yelling things like, "All my single ladies get on the dance floor," singling out individual guests to get up and dance, and operating at a level of pumped-up awesomeness far above the rest of the party is a failsafe way to send people running to hide in the restrooms. This is a wedding, DJ. We're not saying we won't dance the YMCA for you, just that we'll do it on our own time. Romance us.