The Cake Smooshing
worried-looking bride sitting next to cake

She's worried that cake will end up on her face after the champagne toast.


Some see the ritual of the bride or groom smooshing the first piece of cake in the other's face as a playful way to cut a little bit of the tension and the formality of the cake-slicing ceremony. But we think it's a forced, awkward and potentially dress-ruining event. Why not just make the groom pour a bottle of red wine over the bride's dress? Or maybe the bride can hold the groom's head in the punch bowl for a minute or two?

No one knows how cake smooshing got started. Maybe a frisky dab of icing on the nose caught on as a fun tradition. But the result is a recently married couple playing chicken with a dangerously buttery mass of frosting, all while clad in some of the most expensive clothing (and makeup) that they will ever wear in their lives. One slipup means a ruined outfit, hurt feelings and less cake for everyone else.