Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong

For a short and sweet number, you can't go wrong with Louis Armstrong!

Tom Hanky/Redferns/Getty Images

Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World" is quite possibly the most versatile song you could choose for the father-daughter wedding dance. This '60s classic has a timeless quality that makes it just as appropriate at a formal ceremony as it is for a casual backyard wedding. It's also short and sweet, clocking in around 2 minutes. If you or your Dad suffer from stage fright or a lack or rhythm, this song will let you share a special dance without lingering out there in the spotlight for too long. It's slow-paced enough that all you need to do is sway to the music, and your guests will have no idea of your true dancing skills (or lack thereof).

The lyrics are touching and joyful, but you won't find the soaring, syrupy melodies of other popular wedding songs. Best of all, the song is appropriate for any type of father-daughter relationship, from the true Daddy's girl to dads and daughters who are just getting to know one another again (or for the first time).