Forever Young - Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart singing on stage

Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" is a popular choice for the father-daughter dance.

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

"Forever Young" shows the softer side of rocker Rod Stewart, making it the perfect compromise for brides who want to avoid the sometimes sappy songs associated with this dance. The lyrics are heartfelt, but not overly sentimental, and the upbeat tempo means you can skip the shuffling and really show off your dancing skills.

Best of all, this song works for almost every type of father-daughter relationship, and it even allows you to celebrate other father figures who've played an important role in your life. The feel-good lyrics are all about wishing someone well and supporting their choices, regardless of their relationship to you. It's appropriate for dads and daughters who may not have the closest relationship but still want to take part in this ceremonial dance. And of course, if the song represents a special memory or moment between you and Dad, it's also a beautiful way to share your bond.