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Wedding Registry & Wedding Gifts

Choosing gifts from the wedding registry is a great way to help the new couple get started. Learn all about the perfect wedding gifts in these articles.

Are guests expected to give engagement, shower and wedding gifts?

Engagements, showers and weddings are joyous occasions -- but that joy can cost you big time if you aren't careful. Do guests have to give all of these gifts? Technically, yes, but you don't have to rush.

10 Outrageous Gifts Brides Can't Believe They Received

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10 Ridiculous Things Brides Can't Believe They Registered For

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How -- and Why -- to Build Your Wedding Registry Online

Why would you want to build an online wedding registry? Read about how and why to build your wedding registry online. See more »

10 Registry Dos and Don'ts

A little preparation can help make your wedding registry process simple and stress-free. Check out 10 registry do's and dont's at TLC Weddings. See more »

Are guests expected to give engagement, shower and wedding gifts?

Are guests expected to give engagement, shower and wedding gifts? Read about the wedding gifts that guests are expected to offer. See more »

Besides showing up, what are the groom's responsibilities?

What are the groom's responsibilities, besides showing up? Read about the grooom's responsibilities on the way to wedding day. See more »

Groom's Gift: Totally Optional, but Totally Awesome

Is doing a wedding gift exchange necessary? Read about the ups and downs of having the bride and groom exchange gifts. See more »

10 Gifts That Should Be On Your Wedding Registry

The 10 gifts that should be on your wedding registry are timeless, memorable pieces that every couple should own. Check out 10 must-have gifts for your wedding registry. See more »

Ultimate Guide to Alternative Wedding Registries

This guide to alternative wedding registries will make it easy to meet your needs. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Alternative Wedding Registries. See more »