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If you make excuses for your son not being able to find a job, you're simply allowing -- and encouraging -- his mooching off you to continue.

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These days, it seems to take longer to raise children to independence. A May 2011 report by the Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University says that young adults are extending their years in college, earning 10 percent less than people who graduated before 2009 and facing even higher levels of unemployment than the rest of the population. With these conditions in place, many parents extend the years of dependency or offer financial support to help their kids out.

You want your child to do well and succeed in life, and it's tempting to think you can help them along that road by continuing to support them until they get on their feet. But what happens when that day doesn't come? When the temporary solution becomes a fixed habit, you've got a problem on your hands. Here are some tips and strategies for dealing with mooching adult children.