Make clove and citrus pomanders to fill your house with the scent of Christmas.

Clove and Citrus Pomanders

Clove and citrus pomanders are sweet-smelling, fruity decorations that also make cheery Christmas gifts.


What You'll Need:

Oranges or lemons

Thin nail


Thin string



Make small holes in the orange skin with the thin nail, covering the entire orange with holes.

Poking small holes in the orange skin is the first step in making your clove and citrus pomander.

Stick a clove in each hole. If you don't want to cover the whole orange, you can make striped or heart designs on the orange.

Cloves are placed in the holes of the orange.

When you have finished your design, temporarily tie a string around the orange, from the bottom to the top, with a loop at the top for hanging. Hang the pomander in a cool, dry place until the orange begins to shrink a bit.

Remove the string when the orange is dry; replace it with a colored ribbon, tied in the same way, with a loop at the top for hanging.

For a variation, use a lemon instead of an orange. Make a whole grove of fragrant pomanders for your family and friends!

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