10 Colors Your Bridesmaids Don't Want to Wear



Not all that shimmers is bridesmaid gold.
Not all that shimmers is bridesmaid gold.

A few years ago, my family and I toured Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. We were overwhelmed by the serenity of the location and its architectural beauty … until we saw the wedding taking place at the front of the church. (Tourists are allowed to enter during ceremonies -- we weren't crashing).

Granted, this was the mid-1990s, when the bridal industry was still suffering from a major fashion hangover from the '80s. Nevertheless, it was still appalling to witness psychological torture in the form of nine gold lamé bridesmaid dresses with matching hairpieces.

If you're going to subject your friends to such a fate, I sure hope they've done something awful to warrant it, like running over your dog or eating all your brownies without asking. Tip to bridesmaids: If there ever was a time to revolt, this is it. Friends don't let friends wear gold lamé. Not even Cher.