10 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained Until Your Reception Send-off


Make It a Cultural Affair

As someone whose lineage features English, Irish, German and Lebanese ancestry, I can attest to the fact that the world we live in is one big melting pot. Men and women of all cultures and religions are marrying and learning to combine their diverse backgrounds into a unified family.

If you and your hubby are particularly attached to an aspect of your heritage, be sure to celebrate it! Arrange for cuisine, performances and other entertainment that represents your rich cultures. Professional belly dancers at a Middle Eastern affair or salsa dancers at a Latin party are sure to spice up an otherwise ordinary reception with their exotic moves and costumes. Step groups are exciting, rhythmically inspiring and just plain fun to watch at a party celebrating African-American heritage. Add the finishing touch with a selection of old portraits or heirlooms to illustrate your family's rich cultural identity.