10 Horrific Details You Shouldn't Share in a Wedding Toast

Avoid Speeches That Begin "Remember When … "
No one needs to know about this incident.
No one needs to know about this incident.
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

In our experience, that sentence never has a pretty ending.

Remember when the groom went streaking across the football field, and you caught the whole thing on tape? Remember when the bride got so drunk that she stood on the bar and sang karaoke?

While those stories may be funny to tell at the bachelor and bachelorette parties or even the couple's first backyard barbecue in their new home, they're most definitely not appropriate to tell at the wedding. Keep in mind that you're talking to a mixed audience that includes the groom's fraternity brothers and his 90-year-old grandmother. You may get a few laughs from the Kappa Sig table, but those stories are most likely going to make the bride and groom feel uncomfortable in front of their guests.

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