How to Cut the Apron Strings Before the Honeymoon

A close relationship with Mom and Dad doesn't have to spell doom.
A close relationship with Mom and Dad doesn't have to spell doom.
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As the mother of two handsome, brilliant and otherwise perfect young boys, my instinct is to reject the premise of this article outright. After all, I grew these kids in my body, delivered them and currently worry about, encourage and love them every day of their lives.

However, my status as a happily married woman also helps me appreciate the importance of independent, grown-up relationships where Mama might not always know best, or doesn't need to be consulted at every turn. Those of you lucky enough to have positive relationships with your parents need not fret about life post-wedding. You can still maintain emotional ties to them, but it's time for you and your new husband to stretch your proverbial wings and learn to stand on your own two feet.

Read on for handy tips on how you can rightfully claim your place as the main woman in your man's life in the classiest, most sensitive way possible. Whatever you do, don't alienate your mother-in-law. She's likely to be the best human reference manual when it comes to your man (plus, you'll want her to babysit when you have kids).

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