10 Summer Proposals That'll Make You Melt


A Proposal Over Coffee

Sharing a cup of coffee is a popular pastime for the average couple. It's a great chance to relax together and catch up on the day's events. If you and your girl are coffee lovers, a coffee shop is an unexpected place for you to pop the question.

We don't recommend proposing over a basic cup of black coffee. Spice it up! Various online retailers make edible stencil letters that spell out "Marry Me" in latte or cappuccino foam. Give them discreetly to a barista (along with a generous tip) at your local coffeehouse for a proposal surprise. Other retailers sell coffee cups that pop the question for you with "Marry Me?" revealed at the bottom of an empty mug. If you're crafty, make your own cup at a do-it-yourself ceramics studio. Proposing in front of strangers and coffee shop employees isn't for everyone, so feel free to bend down on one knee in the privacy of your very own kitchen. We guarantee that she'll appreciate the time and thought you've put into making the big moment extra special.