10 Classic Engagement Ring Styles

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Trust, commitment and love are three cornerstones of a healthy marriage. The fourth is much more expensive, tangible and downright shiny: the engagement ring.

Choosing an engagement ring causes countless grooms to sweat bullets and empty their bank accounts of about two months' salary, the average cost of an engagement ring according to diamond industry experts. Grooms lucky enough to pass down an heirloom bauble can breathe a sigh of relief -- resetting or cleaning the family stone isn't nearly as expensive as purchasing a new ring.

With any luck, a happy bride will sport her engagement ring for the rest of her life, so it's vital that the setting, cut and quality are in line with her personality. Grooms should consider the bride's personal style when selecting a ring, and it's also smart to consult one of her friends. Women are pretty perceptive when it comes to engagement rings, and they've probably discussed ring preferences before. A little lighthearted window-shopping in advance of the big proposal can also prove valuable. Discerning women will certainly appreciate the opportunity to let their heart's desire be known.

However a would-be groom chooses to proceed, we've assembled a list of 10 classic engagement ring styles to fit every taste, quirk and budget.