Fashion Guide for Women in their 50s

Dos and Don'ts for Women in their 50s

Perhaps the reason women go crazy for stylist Lloyd Boston is that he celebrates their positive features and encourages them to try new things, so they feel fabulous at any age. His sound advice not only applies to women in their 50s, but also to those in their 30s and 70s. Among his recommendations are...

  • Do try warm jewel tones, which usually work with every skin tone.
  • Don't match shoes with a bag.
  • Do emphasize the silhouette not the skin.
  • Don't wear sleeveless or capped sleeves if you have flabby upper arms.
  • Do wear an interesting brooch instead of necklace if you have a "chicken neck."
  • Do have a professional bra fitting.
  • Don't shop by size; shop by fit.
  • Do emphasize your waistline to show off your curves.
  • Do belt a sheath dress to distract the eye from the belly.
  • Do check yourself out in a three-way mirror.
  • Don't buy a piece of basic clothing unless you can wear it three ways.
  • Do edit your closet every few years to get rid of pieces that are out of date or no longer fit.
  • Don't wear baggy or tight clothes, choose waisted jackets, scoop necklines and fitted tops.
  • Do stick to classic pieces and accessorize with seasonal trends.
  • Do make your legs look longer by wearing a nude shoe.
  • Don't wear a floral print on a body part that you want to downplay.
  • Don't wear panty hose with open toe shoes.
  • Don't go out of the house wearing something that feels too tight.
  • Do consider a wrap dress, which will work with your curves as they increase or decrease.
  • Do remember size and age are just numbers.

A woman who dresses in well-made, well-fitting clothes can feel confident and that confidence will make her look better than anyone else in the room.


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