Fashion Guide for Women in their 50s

Hair and Makeup

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker looks 50 and fabulous at her SJP Pop-Up with Zappos in Las Vegas.
Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Zappos Couture

Getting older is a tough reality to face -- literally. A look in the mirror reflects a person you hardly recognize, which makes it tempting to avoid mirrors altogether. Luckily, hair and makeup can go a long way to make you look young and fresh.

The hairstyle that looked so perfect on you when you were in your 40s may no longer be suited to the 50-year-old you. Styles change and so does your face. If you've had the same style for years, consider adding layers or angles, changing the length or doing something as simple as switching your part. Adding a soft fringe of bangs can do wonders to hide a wrinkled brow. Bangs also draw attention to your eyes and away from a sagging jowl.


It goes without saying, gray hair makes a woman look older, even if it's a great platinum mane. If you plan to color your hair, go several shades lighter than your natural base color, which helps to lighten your face and de-emphasize any lines or wrinkles. Count on touching up every four to six weeks.

Hair color is not the only thing that can affect how old (or young) you look. "Helmet head," or hair that doesn't move, and up-dos are outdated. Don't think that hitting 50 requires you to have short hair. Long, shiny, well-kept locks are a sophisticated look.

When it comes to makeup, soft and subtle is the way to go. Accentuate your eyes without going overboard. Gone are the days of heavy foundations, streaks of blush and bronzers that are supposed to make you look tan. A dewy face with a natural blush is best. Choose paler shades of lipstick and nail polish.