5 Essential Vintage Items for Your Closet

Be modern -- go for vintage!
Be modern -- go for vintage!
Wides & Holl/Getty Images

Every woman has several trusted pieces in her closet that she turns to again and again to complete a pulled-together look. A cropped jacket, a nice sweater, a good purse -- these classic styles can often trace their roots to icons of vintage fashion. Many of these wardrobe basics recall fashions of the twenties, when Coco Chanel introduced flattering, comfortable and practical clothing for women. Most of these pieces are still as fashionable now as they were back when they made their debut.

True vintage clothing made by fine designers can be found at vintage shops or online, but you can also find beautiful items based on these designs in your favorite stores. These wardrobe staples turn up in fashion magazines and favorite catalogs every season, reinvented by designers from Prada to J. Crew in this season's colors, sophisticated fabrics and updated sizing.

Read on and learn more about five essential vintage items for your closet. They'll add extra fashion mileage and effortless chic to your look.